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Marketing is often times the most challenging part of having your own business. I’m guessing you started your purpose driven, heart centered business because you really LOVE the work you do and the creative freedom that comes along with being your own boss. Doing your work well, shining your bright light, doesn’t always include the marketing know-how to grow a business.

Which is where we come in.

We’ve built a robust, modern business directory that is a powerhouse for search engines, and backed it up with 20 years of experience in marketing – creating the perfect environment for lightworkers and soulpreneurs to supercharge their digital presence.

Leverageour effort to grow your business & tribe.

Hi, I’m Leeah Murray!

I’ve been designing web sites & running marketing campaigns for 20 years. I taught myself web development at 13, and it was all down hill from there. Today I own my own digital marketing agency, Meraki & Co, as well as my own energy healing practice, Mystical Meraki.

Then in 2012 I had one of those “spiritual awakenings” that catapulted my life in a completely different trajectory. And although many of my passions and interests grew and were new; my marketing, branding & web development interests definitely didn’t fade. If anything, it just increased my passion for what I do.

Throughout my journey searching for resources, healers and such to connect with, the one thing that stood out to me was a deep need for a marketing overhaul to the entire light worker / metaphysical / holistic industry. Understanding it was unrealistic for me to be able to genuinely help each and every light worker or soulpreneur with their marketing & branding – I set out to find a way I could provide as much value as possible to the community.

There is such a need for what you do, and I knew I had to find a way to make you more visible.

Why We’re Different

Heart Centered, Purpose Driven

Digital Marketing + Spirituality are what we’re most passionate about.

Genuine, Mindful & Intentional

Our purpose is to raise the visibility of the light worker community.

Passionate Marketing Nerds

Our technical know-how, and search engine ninja skills are invaluable resources you can leverage.

We don’t just do, we teach.

My goal wasn’t to make a business built on getting rich off of business listings. That’s why we have our 8.88/mo plan. We feel that’s a fair amount to ask to allow your business to climb aboard the marketing powerhouse community we’re building. We won’t ever ask anything more of you! But the bigger vision is to create a community where we give you the knowledge to build your own digital marketing powerhouse.

Elevate your digital presence in our monthly marketing masterminds

We aren’t trying to sell you on false hopes of guaranteed traffic or X amount of clicks. We’re asking you to join our community and play a small part in growing a collective digital platform that will, as an added bonus (vs. a focus), increase the collective visibility.

In turn we promise to show up, teach, encourage, and pour into your practice in whatever capacity we can, digitally.

Our Mission

We believe that many hands make light work.

Both literally and figuratively.

Our mission is to create a heart centered community that believes in reciprocal energy and pooling our resources to benefit the collective.

Funds from the directory will be used for:

  • Physical Marketing Collateral (flyers, etc)
  • Site Expenses
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Masterminds & Consultations
  • Additional Marketing Initiatives

Our Vision

A global community, collective growth.

We envision a dynamic, growing global community where lightworkers share not only their spiritual gifts, but their resources to lift the community.

We rise by lifting others.

We believe there is enough opportunity and resource for all and are willing to do whatever we can to create a community that creates opportunity for all who are willing to step onto the path and claim it.

When people are genuinely happy at the success of others, the pie gets larger.” – Stephen Covey

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t! You can link back to any digital platform you engage with your clients the most. Whether that is facebook, instagram, youtube, Shopify, or Etsy!

We have exerted a good amount of effort to create a powerful, digital platform to grow your business. We do feel it is fair to ask for a minimal fee to contribute to the costs it costs to continually run the site and the effort we put into it. If you feel that our lowest tier pricing is too much for the work we’ve done and the value we provide, we likely don’t have the same values and wouldn’t be a great fit!

As a courtesy, we openly add relevant businesses as we search them out. You are more than welcome to claim ownership to control the content of your listing. On your business profile page, click “Claim Now” & give us your phone number. We will be in touch to confirm you’re the owner of the business and give you the next steps to claim the listing!

After you’ve created your listing you’ll be able to promote your listing from your user account dashboard. You can choose from 3 different types of promotions – or all 3! Whatever is within your budget!

Yes! After you have created your listing, you will have the ability to create and promote events from your user account dashboard.

After you’ve signed up and chosen an applicable package, you’ll find a link to the private facebook group for business owners on your account dashboard. Click the link, and request to join the facebook group. We will verify your membership within 48 hours. After that, you’ll get access to all mastermind zoom links, and the form to fill out to schedule your 1:1 marketing consultation.

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