Building a strong yoga community is a primary goal for us at Tula Hot Yoga Denver. We all come to our mats for different reason, but we all have the same thing in mind, “How can I be the best version of me?” (Ok, you may have thought of it in different words, but we’re all here to remove the obstacles that prevent us from living our lives fully: weight, injury, stress, depression, pain, tight hamstrings… any of that sound familiar?!)

The gift of yoga is that it is always here. It gives us the tools to work through hard times, fully enjoy the best times, and move gracefully through all the wonderfully gray times in between. Yoga Disclaimer: IT IS NOT EASY!! As a matter of fact, sometimes it down right stinks. And this is why COMMUNITY is so important to us. Knowing you have a community that SUPPORTS your hard work, BREATHES with you through your challenges, and CELEBRATES your successes makes this journey so much more fun.