Kailee Holbert

Posted on February 24, 2018

Hey, I’m Kailee!

I’m a Holistic Lifestylist and Spiritual Life Coach guiding women worldwide in nourishing their bodies and lives through holistic foods, faith, and low impact fitness while helping them to awaken to their Divine Purpose.

I’m from the Hudson Valley, NY and a recent college graduate from Marist College. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Biology with a minor in Psychology and a Public Health pathway (essentially a second minor). I live with my boyfriend, Carlton (pictured above), and we’ve been together for over 4 years. I’m a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a friend, a girlfriend, and a mentor.

I am a Daughter of God and love anything inspiring. I practice yoga and love buying from local farms, hello organic and holistic. I work with the Angels of God very closely to bring Divine Guidance and Love to you. God works in me and through me in order to be of highest service to you and to those who I meet. I am also in training to become a Reiki Master, yes I am Christian with New Age beliefs!

I’m on this journey called Life with you. I haven’t figured this thing out yet, maybe we’re not meant to have it all figured out. But I am here on this journey with you in getting healthy and building a faith-filled lifestyle. I hope to be a light to all who I meet in this life and to be a beacon of hope to those who stumble upon my little corner of the world.

I am currently a mentor for women at a local church, part of a Bible study, and also a Prayer Group at this local church. I also host Bible studies and Prayer studies in the online space, so come join if you’d like! I love getting involved with my community in any way I can, in speaking, in writing, in just being a friend to someone who needs a friend to talk to.

I’m so happy to have you here. I cannot wait to meet you, to get to know you, and to work with you! I’m your friend, your mentor, your coach.

Sending you so much love & light!

Work With Me

  • Country Class Mentor
  • Healthy Soul 360
  • The Steadfast Sisterhood
  • VIP Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Programs
  • Online Courses


What is Country Class Mentor?

Country Class Mentor was created in February 2016. I created this to empower, inspire, and coach women to create a life that they truly love with a foundation of love and confidence.

I focus on community, supporting & empowering young women, and coaching young women to focus on love & healing through faith and God.
This is for young women who want to know God on a deeper level, better herself, build a foundation of love, and heal. That is the core mission of CCM, to guide and coach women to heal a negative past and to welcome love and forgiveness.

CCM is for the woman who is on the mission to being a light in this world, to feeling confident in her own skin, to embrace her God given gifts, to open herself to the guidance & support of the Universe & Angels, and to truly be in love with her life.

Every program that I offer is designed to coach you to achieve your goals, based on a foundation of love, to heal & forgive hard moments of your life, and to push past fear of forgiveness. Every post, program, podcast, and video are based on this foundation to provide you chic inspiration, love, & the courage to heal.

What is Healthy Soul 360?

Healthy Soul 360 was created in July 2014. Healthy Soul 360 is a community for women who want a healthy lifestyle through food, faith, & fitness. I focus on creating a holistic lifestyle through wellness and happiness. We’re combining the everyday lifestyle needs into one. It’s the friendships that you build with others around the world, the people who you meet, and people who are on the same journey of wanting to live life to their fullest and healthiest capabilities!

As your Holistic Lifestylist, I help you create the lifestyle you truly crave. We help you get you in the habit of eating right every day, working out every day, and being gentle on yourself. Here at Healthy Soul 360, we want you to be confident with yourself in every aspect. We want you to feel positive, to be at peace with yourself, and to have fun in life. Healthy Soul 360 offers a variety of recipes, tips, and advice. We keep you up to date with the latest information in the rapidly changing & growing world of health and fitness! We want you to be motivated, inspired, and encouraged to tackle any challenges that are thrown your way.

What is The Steadfast Sisterhood?

The Steadfast Sisterhood is a Sisterhood for women to get healthy, find purpose, & spiritually awaken. This is a VIP monthly membership that will allow you to connect with your soul sisters from around the world, be in God's loving presence daily, & nourishing your body with food, faith, & fitness.

The Sisterhood is essentially a combination of both of my coaching programs, Healthy Soul 360 & Country Class Mentor, you'll go VIP! When you're part of this exclusive VIP Sisterhood, you'll get special discounts on all of my programs, workshops, & more because I love each & every one of you! Did I mention that Sisters get exclusive access to trainings & events?!

You'll grow, you'll learn, you'll find purpose, & you'll create lasting soul-filled friendships. No matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in your journey, this is the perfect place to soulfully create a life you love!

What is VIP coaching?

This is a 4 month wellness and faith-filled intensive. We work together 1:1 in achieving your wellness and faith goals.

If you're needing a little extra guidance with both your spiritual & wellness journey, then fill out the application over on my website or email me and we'll get your FREE complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call scheduled!

My VIP Ultimate Package is tailored specifically to you and your needs. Over the next 15 weeks, we'll work together to get you feeling amazing and living the life of your desire!

*Payment plans are available*

What is offered with Country Class Mentor?

~ The Purposeful Woman
Create a purposeful & faith-filled life. Together we'll walk through this journey and during the next 8 weeks you'll find purpose, live in God's Grace, & receive spiritual guidance.

~ Live Simply
Create simplicity in life. During out 60 minute session, we'll figure out what's holding you back and take action in what you can do to get clear and invite simple living into your life.

~ Guidance With Angels
Need some spiritual guidance from the Angels? During our 30 minutes, you'll get 3 detailed Angel card readings, & learn how to call in the Angels.

~ Scripture & Prayer
Here you'll find scripture, guided prayers, & journaling prompts. Dive into The Word of God and watch life unfold in a beautiful way!

~ Bible Studies
Here you'll find Bible Studies that I host & also recommended studies. You'll also be able have the opportunity to connect with me on one of my favorite apps.

~ A Course in Miracles lessons
Using ACIM brings us even closer to Love. I believe that we all need some sort of spiritual guidance, so this could even be an alternative for you. You'll find lessons and discussion here.

What is offered with Healthy Soul 360?

~ The Holistic Woman
Create the healthy lifestyle you crave. Together, we'll pull out the weeds of old habits and plant new seeds to tend to. We'll stay accountable and get healthy habits growing during our 8 weeks!

~ Laser Focus
Get clear on your wellness intentions & goals. During this 1:1 60 minute call, we'll get clear and create an action plan in getting healthy!

~ The Cleanse
Ready to reset your body? Cleanse, detox, and reset with this 14 day Cleanse program! You'll get recipes, tips to cleanse your home, workouts, and a grocery list!

~ Fitness Workouts
Below you'll find low-impact, do-at-home, or get-outside workouts! These simple workouts will get you feeling empowered, tone you up, and gentle on your body (for the most part!). These workouts are some of my favorite.

~ Food & Recipes
Simple, healthy, & budget-friendly recipes for the busy woman!

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