Jess Shepherd – Energy Healer and Meditation Guide

Posted on February 27, 2018

Jess Shepherd is a Master Genome Humanergetic Therapist and Theta Healer, Clairvoyant Medium and Energy Reader, she has a double degree in Psychology from the University of Queensland and many counseling certificates.  Jess provides FREE weekly guided meditations on her Youtube Channel; Rising Higher Meditation ( in order to continually assist and help people to maintain their alignment and tap into their own source of wisdom.

Jess provides individual focused Energy Therapy sessions which can assist your to become aware of your energy system and the subconscious beliefs which are holding you back from your abundance, joy, fun, and ease in life.  Energy sessions also give you an opportunity to connect at a deeper level with yourself, channel your masculine and feminine aspects and break through any previous conditioning which has held you back, all while being held in a safe and supportive atmosphere that Jess naturally provides. Connecting you deeply to your source so that you may move with ease and grace through any events and situations that have been created in your life.

Individual sessions can also help you to

  • Access and change patterns around money, love and career
  • Increase your vitality and life force energy
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Boost health and increase immunity
  • Reduce stress and emotional disturbances
  • Help to recover from surgery and illness
  • Heal your relationships, Past, Present and Future
  • Reignite your life, your purpose and passion.

Jess can also work with healing children through a willing surrogate such as a mother, father or grandparent.

Energy Healings (including Clairvoyant Reading)

  • Energy healing including reading

    $150 AUS

    Energy Healing Sessions are available in my therapy room located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. I can also do Skype sessions with remote energy work if you are located outside Australia. In the realm of universal energy, there is no time and space, so healings can be done easily via Skype 🙂 The general layout of a session is as follows; (but is subject to change depending on individual requirements of the client). You receive an energy reading. I take a look into your field before we connect and receive information regarding energy blockages, your physical health and belief systems (and what they relate to) that are causing stagnation in your energy system. This is done before we connect for your session. Then we discuss what I have seen and received. The session continues with a short relaxation and then I start working directly with your energy. Clearing out and removing any energy blocks, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Following this we re-align you with your true nature, using Theta and Genome healing techniques, giving your inner self an opportunity to express itself. Emotions, trauma and belief systems can be held in different parts of the body, so we work together to give the masculine and feminine aspects a voice. Then we realign you with the your source energy returning to optimal functioning. It is quite remarkable how patterns of relationships within one’s self are so often expressed outside in their lives. I recommend you have 1 or 2 main issues in mind you would like help with before you are scheduled for your session. Standard fee is $150 AUD and sessions usually last for 1.5 hours.

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